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Willow Veterinary Centres

Willow Veterinary Centres is a Buckinghamshire-based practice serving the needs of pets and their owners around Milton Keynes through its branches in Newport Pagnell and Olney.

In 2010, the practice recognised that its website was looking tired and wasn't working as well as it could. The management team felt it was time to grasp the nettle and find out how web technology and design had moved on. They also wanted to explore how they could redevelop theirs to be more effective as a business tool and more attractive to clients.

"We called in Webpartner because they'd been recommended to us and had developed our existing website. As a result, we'd established a strong working relationship with them," says Dawn Kent, Practice Manager.

"We set out our vision for our new site and our initial ideas. We explained that we wanted a website that we could update easily ourselves so that we could refresh it regularly. We also wanted it to be very visual with lots of images of pets because we know how much these appeal to our clients. The Webpartner team came back to us with their recommendations and we quickly agreed a way forward. It was all so simple!

"We're very pleased with the site which has now been live for four years," continues Dawn. "It is very easy for us to update so we don't need to call on Webpartner very often. They are our failsafe though - when we need them, they are there!

"We also appreciate the fact that they are constantly implementing new features to ensure our site stays up to the minute and is as user-friendly and accessible as it can be. For instance, we added a Go Mobile version in 2013 so that clients accessing the site via mobile devices would find using it just as easy as from a PC. Then, in early 2014, we added Webpartner's social media widget so that our facebook posts can be displayed on the site.

"Our website is a very important tool for the practice and it's working very well for us. Thank you Webpartner!"