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Bulletproof CMS

The Webpartner Content Management System (CMS) puts you in control

Ease of use

Use our online CMS whenever you want, 24/7.  It's been through countless rounds of usability testing, so it can be picked up easily by anyone:

  • Accessible through all modern web browsers.
  • Microsoft Word-style page editor.
  • Quick links to most common tasks.
  • Full range of customisable access rights.
  • Centralised file management to store images, videos and documents.
  • Deleted pages/files can be restored from the recycle bin.

Search engine optimisation

Web pages are optimised for search engines through a number of innovative features:

  • Relevant description and keyword meta tags are generated for each page from its content, along with descriptive page titles. These can also be edited manually.
  • Content editors are restricted to using correct heading structure.
  • The CMS generates simple page URLs that include page keywords.
  • The URL of a page doesn't change when the page name changes.
  • A self-updating XML sitemap to enhance search engine performance.
  • A pre-configured robots.txt file to assist search engine robots crawling your website.
  • Use of relevant semantic microdata.


Your website will maintain an excellent level of accessibility for disabled web users through a variety of pioneering techniques:

  • Fully accessible admin area.
  • Pre-defined layouts and text styles.
  • Non-essential HTML completely stripped out from published pages.
  • Customisable page layouts that are fully CSS-driven.
  • Descriptive page titles automatically created for each page.

Website effectiveness

Your website will perform outstandingly - from having fast download speeds to well structured content and much more!

  • Ability to re-order and edit site navigation.
  • Preview and live versions of pages available.
  • Ability to insert links to other pages, documents and external websites.
  • Video and images can be directly inserted within the page editor.
  • Heavy site traffic doesn't affect CMS performance.
  • Full integration with Google Analytics.