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Mobile friendly websites

Having a mobile friendly website should be a key part of your online strategy.

There's no denying the growth of internet use via mobile devices. Statistics from 2013/2014 show that:

These figures are set to increase as mobile devices and internet connections become cheaper.

Positive user experience

Whatever their choice of device, visitors expect your website to be easy to use. If it doesn't deliver they will look elsewhere.

Pages should be quick to load. Site navigation needs to cater for the smartphone user. Standard desktop menus may be hard to use on smaller screens.

It's not just about look and feel though. Your content needs prioritising to deliver the essential details needed by mobile users. Most often this is your contact details and physical location.

Essential features of mobile friendly vet practice websites:

  • Click to call/email making it quick and easy for people to get in touch
  • A page for contact details including your address and social media links
  • Directions to help people find you via GPS
  • A link to your full website for those people who want it
  • Other key information such as opening hours, registration, appointment booking

SEO benefit

Meeting user expectations should be enough of an argument for a mobile friendly website. But improving your SEO is another good reason.

Google is using its assessment of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. They expect this to have a significant impact on search results. Mobile optimised sites will appear higher in search results for mobile users. Remember the percentage of people performing mobile searches...?

Is your site mobile friendly?