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Finding photos for your website

When searching for photos to use on your website it's really important to be aware of any copyright restrictions that may apply, to avoid mis-use and the possibility of incurring fines.

If you are purchasing photos from a reputable stock photography website you will have clear guidelines to follow on how you can legally use their photos. Here are some sites we recommend:

We do not recommend using any image that you find via a search engine - you cannot be certain who owns the photo and what usage restrictions apply and you risk copyright infringment.

We never recommend copying a photo from someone else's website!

Here are some sites that offer free stock photos:

These sites tend to work by asking you to include the name of the photographer on your webpage somewhere near the photo. Never make any assumptions - always check the terms of use, as they can vary from site to site and picture to picture.

Graphics and photos provided by Webpartner

We will use a selection of graphics and photos for the initial build of your Webpartner site. We make these available for use on your site, as a Webpartner customer. Should you at any point decide to cancel your Webpartner agreement and use an alternative website provider, you will no longer be entitled to use any of the graphics and photographs that we have provided.