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Don't overuse capital letters

Using capital letters may seem like a simple way to make text stand out - in fact it makes text harder to read and is best avoided.

The shape of words is important

When reading a paragraph of text, without thinking about it most people will actually read the shapes of the words rather than concentrating on individual letters.

Words that are written in lower case have distinct shapes, because of the way that certain letters will rise higher or drop lower than others.

Conversely, words written in all caps always have the same rectangular shape - the only thing that varies is the length of the rectangle.


A person reading a piece of text written entirely with capital letters has to concentrate on reading each letter individually to help form the word - so it takes longer to read.

There's no need to shout!

The other reason to avoid using all capital letters is a question of etiquette. It's a widely-held view that words written all in capital letters are the digital equivalent of shouting, which isn't the friendliest way to get a point across.

How to add emphasis

Use bold formatting to highlight important words in some paragraphs. Read our Writing for the web article for further helpful tips.