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Embedding videos

YouTube and Vimeo videos can be embedded into your web pages via the Webpartner CMS.

This allows you to share a video from YouTube or Vimeo via your website, so people can watch it on your site without having to visit YouTube or Vimeo.

How to get your embed code


  1. Click the Share link below the video
  2. Click the Embed link
  3. Copy the code provided in the expanded box


  1. Go to the video page hover your mouse over the video player
  2. A Share button will appear for you to click on
  3. A pop-up window will open with a field containing Embed code for the video. Copy the code provided

Pasting your embed code in the CMS

  1. Open the web page that you wish to edit
  2. Click on the View source code option at the end of the toolbar
  3. The HTML source code of the web page will be displayed in a separate box
  4. Paste your video embed code into the web page source code
  5. Publish your web page