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PawSquad Out of Hours Triage Service

PawSquad’s unique presence on your website allows customers to speak to a qualified veterinary surgeon when you’re closed!

An independent vet is available by video or text chat to help your customers assess if they should visit the emergency vet.

By simply embedding the PawSquad widget in your website you can:

  • Extend the hours you can serve your customers with their team of over 15 vets.
  • Earn additional revenue! Customers pay £15 for a consult and you get 10% of this.
  • Reduce the number of clients that unnecessarily visit the OOH
  • See more people the next day, keep that revenue that’s yours

If you’re using PawSquad you’ll receive:

  • A report every time a client calls them out of hours - including the reason and the advice given
  • Free widget to simply embed on your site (it’s easy we do it for you)
  • Access to their network of min 3 year qualified vets, all interviewed by Chief Vet Andrew Francis or Andrew Ash, past-president of BSAVA.


To discuss using PawSquad’s Out of Hours triage service speak to