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Hosted Email Service

Webpartner can provide email addresses using your domain suffix (e.g. enquiries@yourdomain, register@yourdomain).

We understand that veterinary practices require a hassle-free email service, and nowadays remote access to email services is more important than ever.

Webpartner offers hosted email services on an advanced, cloud based Microsoft Exchange platform, giving users a secure, feature rich email service on a simple, per user, per month basis.

Mailbox features:

  • Advanced, cloud based Microsoft Exchange email services
  • 5GB mailbox
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreement
  • UK based telephone and email Support Desk
  • SSL encryption
  • Migration assistance and free setup
  • Advanced anti-virus for your local PC
  • Advanced managed anti-spam and anti-spyware scanning

Microsoft Exchange features


Manage time effectively by providing personal and shared calendar services. This service can be synchronised across multiple devices, both mobile and fixed.

Users can schedule events and invite people to join these events, both internally and externally. You can also provide front desk staff with access and permissions to your calendar so that your staff can plan and enter dates into your diary.


Keep a centralised database of important company contacts that can be shared between users and to multiple devices. You can also synchronise your personal contacts list with the Microsoft Exchange server, meaning that even if you were to lose a device, your contacts and important information is retained on the secure server.

Exchange allows you to store a wealth of information about your contacts; custom fields can also be added to allow you to store more relevant information.


Keep track of your to do list; tasks can be added via your mobile device, Outlook or via the Web App. Again, this synchronises across all devices, meaning you can be sure you will never forget that important task.

As with the calendar service, you can also include other users of the service in tasks that need to be completed; this means you can effectively plan projects and assign specific roles and tasks to individual users.

Powerful search

Microsoft Exchange has powerful search and indexing functions integrated into it. This allows you to quickly find the information you require simply by using keywords.

Extended security

Exchange comes with powerful integrated security features. Anti-spam and anti-virus services are built into the Exchange server. In addition to this, we utilise powerful cloud based scanning services that prevent unwanted junk email or malicious content from reaching your computer or mobile device.

Mobile device support

No longer are you restricted to only viewing your email in the office. Mobile device support allows you to access your emails, calendar and contacts information anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Exchange provides a more unified approach to email, allowing you to keep track of your activities; if you send an email from your mobile device, it will appear in your sent items on your computer.

You can even synchronise your contacts from your mobile device to your Microsoft Exchange server; in the event that you lose a mobile device, your contacts are still stored on a secure server.

Never lose your contacts, calendar or email

Your email services are stored on ultra resilient email servers which are constantly maintained and backed up, meaning that whatever happens to your local IT infrastructure, your key company information is stored securely. This includes mobile devices. Your information is stored on a secure, encrypted server that only you will have access to.

Access your email, contacts and calendar when you are away from work by using the advanced, secure Outlook Web App. Outlook Web App provides users with all the functionality you would expect from a Web Based email service.

Secure, resilient storage

All Hosted Exchange email accounts come with 5GB of storage, which for most practices is more than enough. Additional storage can be added when required, meaning that you are only ever paying for the amount of storage you use at any one time.


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