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Go Mobile

Go Mobile with Webpartner and connect with clients who are on-the-go. We can convert your desktop website into a mobile optimised version, designed for the small screen and with mobile users' needs in mind.

Why you need a mobile friendly website

Go Mobile features

Maintain a single website

  • Your mobile site will synchronise automatically with your desktop site, so you don't need to edit the same content in two places
  • Our conversion engine will optimise your site for over 14,000 different mobile/tablet devices

Mobile-friendly navigation

  • Identify and prioritise key content for mobile users
  • Add navigation that allows users to easily access this vital information

Advanced mobile features

  • Click to Call: mobile users can phone you at the touch of a finger
  • Directions: set your location; enable clients to get directions via GPS
  • Email: clients can send enquiries and feedback easily via email

Links to social media

  • Are you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc? Provide links which mobile users can access from their device

Go Mobile and we will create a mobile-optimised version of your Webpartner site. We work with you to select the relevant elements from your existing site and where best to place them on your mobile site. The content of any element mapped to your mobile site is automatically updated whenever it is adjusted on your desktop site.

We can also add mobile-specific content and features to further customise your mobile site, e.g. photo galleries and YouTube videos.

Our advanced mobile features - for Click to Call, Directions and Email - will be available from all pages on your mobile site, making it easy for clients to find you and get in touch.

Your mobile-optimised site will be hosted on our dedicated domain. We'll also add some code to your desktop site to detect what device is being used and deliver the most appropriate version of your website.


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